Mosside Kennels and Cattery

Cat at Mosside Kennels and Cattery
Cats at Mosside Kennels and Cattery

Mosside Cattery

The cattery at Mosside is set away from the dogs in a modern, purpose built chalet block which provides a cosy and warm, heated environment with plenty of space for your cat to stretch their legs. We are situated in a quiet picturesque rural location close to Colne, Skipton, Keighley, Howarth and the Yorkshire Dales.

Mosside for Cats

The Mosside cattery provides a safe, secure and relaxing environment for your cats' holiday. Our cat chalets are separate from the kennels and are made from tough polypropylene and aluminium, with sneeze barriers between each one. These are hygienic and easy to clean.

Every chalet has a cosy indoor, insulated sleeping area with individually regulated heating when required and a covered outdoor exercise area allowing adequate ventilation. Families of cats can be accommodated where there are multiple cats from one family wanting to stay together.

Each occupied chalet is cleaned out several times a day and scrubbed down throughout on a daily basis with high quality, animal friendly disinfectant suitable for all areas and equipment in animal establishments. Its formulation is designed to destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycrobacteria and bacteria spores to help prevent cross infection.

Cattery Exercise

The Cat accommodation at Mosside provides enough room for your cat to stretch their legs and have some exercise within their own secure environment with additional cuddles and attention if that's what they love. We give all cats individual care and attention.

Cattery Food

We provide high quality wet and dry food. Alternatively you may prefer to bring your cat food so that they can continue to have the same food as they normally have at home. Please allow enough food for the full stay, left in closed containers, sealed tins or sealed bags, complete with feeding instructions.

Treats are also provided along with love, attention and or a brush or belly scratch as required.

Prescription diets can be catered for. These need to be supplied by the owner.

Bedding, Toys and Litter Trays

Your cat will be given a comfy bed to snooze on, we have an ample selection of bedding, toys and litter trays which are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis to ensure your cat is as comfy as possible in a clean and safe environment.

We do not accept entire male cats over 6 months old.

All pets should be treated for fleas and worms before boarding.

Please bring your cat in a cat travel container not a card board box and please leave this with us for the duration of your cats stay.

Your cat must remain in their secure carrier until safely in their holiday chalet.