Mosside Kennels and Cattery

A view of the kennels
A view of the kennels
A view of the kennels
A view of the kennels

Mosside Kennels

Mosside provides safe, secure, friendly and fun holiday accommodation for your dogs. Located on the borders of North Yorkshire, Lancashire and West Yorkshire and set in four beautiful acres, we have the space and facilities to provide excellent care for your pet, with a programme of care tailored to suit their needs.

On arrival please keep all dogs on leads at all times.

A typical day at Mosside

The Kennels

Our dog kennels are modern and purpose built. They are insulated and heated and are made from tough polypropylene with aluminium. This design makes them hard to damage and hygienic to clean which is critical to the control of disease in a boarding environment.

Mosside has various sizes of kennel and all pets are housed in accommodation suitable for the breed and size.

We also cater for families of dogs but only accommodate multiples if they are from the same household.

All accommodation comes with a comfortable, insulated sleeping area, which can be heated in winter and an out door run to allow daily fresh air and space for a stretch.

Each kennel is cleaned out several times a day and scrubbed down throughout on a daily basis with high quality, animal friendly disinfectant suitable for all areas and equipment in animal establishments. Its formulation is designed to destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycrobacteria and bacteria spores to help prevent cross infection.


We understand that exercise is important and must be tailored to the health, age and fitness of each individual dog. Time out of the kennel is also important for the pets to relieve themselves and to help establish their relationship with our staff. Dogs are exercised at least twice a day off the lead in one of our large secure play areas.


We provide a nutritious, complete dry food which we feed alongside canned meat which the dogs find very appetising.

Alternatively you may prefer to bring your dogs food so that they can continue to have the same food as they normally have at home. Please allow enough food for the full stay, left in closed containers, sealed tins or sealed bags, complete with feeding instructions.

Treats are also provided along with music during the day, love attention and or a brush or belly scratch as required.

Prescription diets can be catered for. These need to be supplied by the owner.

All pets should be treated for fleas and worms before boarding.


All guests are provided with a plastic oval bed to suit their size. This is supplied with a range of comfy bedding. Bedding is changed often twice a day depending on the weather, to ensure your pet always has a clean dry bed to lie on and a clean safe environment.


We supply a diverse range of toys which are disinfected on a regular basis to ensure they are always clean and germ free.

Bathing Services

We provide a bathing service if desired (subject to availability). Prices range between £10 and £20 depending on the size, coat and temperament of your dog. Please book this in advance if required.